Back to the office

It’s been six months since the beginning of the pandemic and everyone’s tired of it. Depending on the country you’re in, you may still be working remotely or maybe you just got back to the office. The return to the office might be a little tricky. The new rules are supposed to protect everyone from getting infected, but is the social distancing, hand sanitizing, and mask-wearing the only thing your company can do to keep it safe?

How you doin’?

We all know it’s tough. It’s hard to stay positive and focus on your job when you’re limited in some way. You can’t meet with your co-workers and eat your lunch together or spend time in a bigger group. Each time you enter the office you have to disinfect your hands. That’s the usual stuff. In some companies, there’s even more. I cannot imagine what else some of you have gone through. It’s just a different reality. The new reality.

Technology in the office

We might argue whether the constantly developing technology is a good thing or not, but in this case, it’s certainly useful. It has helped us get through the pandemic and work remotely. Thanks to many systems you can communicate with co-workers, work on projects, and social distance yourself as much as you can. We have chats, systems for project management, customer relationship management systems, and many, many more. Technology may be helpful especially while you returning to the office.

It’s not just a business system

Many business systems are made to make your work easier and more efficient, but did you know that some of them have features that might make it safer?

These systems are called Human Capital Management. Let me explain what I mean. HCM systems tend to have features like time management, calendar, resource booking, etc. They might be used as normal features, but in these circumstances, they are a lot more! They will tell you where and when certain people were, are, or will be. Steve’s decided to work from home? Alright then. Annie is in the office until 5 p.m.? Great. Does Tom have a meeting with a client?

No problem. Now imagine someone is COVID-19 positive. Normally you’d have to send everyone home on quarantine. You don’t have to do that with the system. You can tell Steve, that he can return to the office because he clearly hasn’t had contact with infected people.

Safe return

Here’s when it gets tricky. You have to check if Annie and Tom were in the office with the infected employee. Now in this kind of situation the calendar, time management, and others might not be enough. You need something more. Something made exactly for these types of situations. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The MintHCM 3.0.6 has a new feature. It’s called Employee Interaction Tracking. It’s made to follow physical interactions within the company to prevent the spread of the virus and unnecessary closure of the office. How does it work? Let’s get back to our imaginary co-workers – Annie and Tom. We need to check in the system on which shift they were working, whether they were in the building at the same time as the infected person was, and thanks to the EIT feature we can clearly see with whom they had contact.

So as you can see return to the office is easier with the new technology and computer software.

Stay safe!

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